The Flight

The wings once she had were put to fire,
And she cried for help in dire,
The ears went deaf and voices turned dumb,
And that was the first time deepest pain did not remain unfathomed.

All is lost,nothing left to gain,
They all said that the struggle is in vain.
Just burn the wings and all shall be fine,
The theory of flying still indetermined.

Souls ached,heart choked,
Lied the grave of the story untold.
The wounds lay open for the fresh air to explore,
When did she started traveling this spectre road.

Wounded was the pride,
When the satan stood by their side.
The wings were burnt and there lay the ashes
Of the dreams that had possibility of flying.

But had they known to blaze the mettle,
They would have surely won the battle,
What simply was kept masked,
Was the immortal hope to reach the sky.

And there she was,conquering the sky,
With the beautiful scar of the blazing pride,
The wings are lost but not needed anymore,
She has just conquered more than the flight…….

By Ritz Riyal